Naomi Kroll from Sydney, Australia has been studying International Business at SRH University Heidelberg for six months – thanks to the Baden-Württemberg-Stipendium (BWS). She recommends warmly this program.

I arrived in Germany not knowing what to expect. I had no idea what I was in for. I guess that was the exciting part. It was a great opportunity to start fresh and just simply be me. I didn’t know that much about Germany before I got here, but now I have learnt so much about the wonderful country that is in my blood. I am an 1/8 German afterall. It has been a blessing to be able to meet my relatives and explore my heritage. I have fallen in love with Germany: I love your commitment to renewable energy and recycling, your value of being on time, amazing nature like the Black Forest, impressive architecture like Heidelberg Castle, historical richness and delicious food.

The list of lessons I have learnt while traveling and the reasons why studying abroad is so valuable are way too long to list. Just a few reasons to get the idea:

1. You grow more perseverant You grow stronger in every way because you are thrown out of your comfort zone and you just have to deal with the difficulties and learn from them.

2. You become a better communicator You meet people from all different countries, some who don’t speak much of your own language, so you learn to communicate better with them.

3. You learn to think creatively and develop problem solving skills You are thrown out of your comfort zone and you just have to think quickly to adapt. Studying abroad helps you to slow down, be grateful and absorb the beauty in the small things.

4. You learn about different cultures While traveling you have the wonderful opportunity to learn about different countries in a very hands-on way. You get to feel it, see it, taste it and hear it. Not only about the country you are in but a lot from the wonderful people you meet on your journey. Intercultural skills are a wonderful skill to have and will help you succeed in life.

So thank you BWS for bringing me to wonderful Germany and allowing me to get to where I am today. I have had the most amazing time in my life.”

Author: Naomi Kroll