He is passionate about Architecture: Our Student David Deussen (on the photo with Prof. Dr. Marc Kirschbaum) received the Fulbright scholarship. Sumuka Gummaraju, Student of Applied Computer Science, talked with him about his American approach with the scholarship and his dreams for the future .A recipient of the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, David Deussen was born in Hanau and moved to the center of the US automobile industry – Detroit when he was an infant.  He initially picked up English and was confused why people were talking another language when he moved back to Germany, but picked up the German language in no time.

David moved to the USA yet again when he was 12. Having a Polish mother and a German father, German, English, Polish, and Spanish are a few of the languages that he speaks and was brought up with a mixture of cultures. His mom wanted both him and his sister to learn the Polish language well and therefore they grew up with a Polish nanny. He returned to Germany in the 8th Grade, and finished school in 2014.

Wanting to follow in his dad’s footsteps, he initially studied industrial engineering at the THM university of applied sciences in Friedberg for two semesters. Innately talented since childhood at building models, arts and crafts, he realized he was more drawn and passionate about architecture. But he also adds that his former courses have taught him some important values in life like managing and organizing time. „Studying at Friedberg happened to be my work and travel year, unlike other students who generally take a year off to travel around the world,“ says David, as he smiles.

A visualization of the outer view of a sports complex – David Deussen

Typically, universities offer the semester system wherein the semester exams takes place for a week or two at the end of the semester,  thereby not doing much during the semester. „Studying intensely is an enjoyment, always under pressure to do something or the other, there’s no room for slacking off,“ he says as he admires the CORE system. During his study at SRH, he interned at Fischer Architekten, Mannheim. Additionally, he completed a tutorship program for students in ArchiCAD, and tutors students in ArchiCAD.

Further in life, David says he would love to work with a huge firm with bigger projects just to understand the principles of architecture, and work with a variety of people from various backgrounds. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), a Danish architecture firm is a Copenhagen, New York and London based group of architects, designers, urbanists, landscape professionals, interior and product designers, researchers and inventors. David takes keen interest towards sustainability in architecture and design saying that this is where he sees himself. „Later in life, I would love to start a new firm, and lead a new generation of Architects with a better understanding of the Environment,“ he says with confidence.

David’s a huge foodie and loves going to food truck events and trying new food. It partly substitutes for travelling around the globe. Travel being an intrinsic aspect of Architecture, he’s visited most of the European Nations. „I enjoy learning languages and invest about 10-15 minutes a day,  picking up Spanish, and I also plan on learning Italian in the near future,“ he says when asked what he does with his free time. He loves drawing with pencils and painting with acrylics. He also likes hanging out with friends, doing sports such as tennis and golf or going to the gym.

Admitted into the architecture program at the University of Oregon, David will be moving to the USA for 9 months, later this year, on the scholarship that he’s received. He’s excited to meet new people and learn the American approach.

We, from Wir-Online wish him luck and a wonderful career ahead.

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