Over the Easter Holiday weekend, our new students for the 2021 Summer Semester at SRH University Heidelberg were invited to a number of fun online events organized by the International Office, Student Helpers, and Student Ambassadors.

What a fun way to get to know each other and learn about special ways different nationalities celebrate Easter! Some students were still in their home countries, while others have started getting used to a new life in Germany. Social distancing and waiting to travel does not mean that we cannot laugh and enjoy meaningful moments together.

Our Easter-themed events, started with some body warm-up challenges, such as standing ab crunch and stretching, before the challenges and chocolate eating began. This home workout was led by Student Ambassador, Omkar Wadikar (Water Technology, M.Eng), who also happened to be in his home country of India waiting for his visa to travel.  That did not stop him from being part of the student community! Through the computer screen, students enjoyed an exciting atmosphere and let their bodies move. We are all aware that doing exercise is of utmost the importance to maintain endurance and mental agility when fitness centers or outside activities are restricted during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

After the students got their blood pumping, the Easter Pub Quiz then challenged their minds with trivia about the Easter Holiday, one of the biggest holidays of the year in many countries. The customs may differ from place to place, but in general, this is a celebration of the rebirth of Jesus in the Christian faith and a time of new life and good things. For example, why do people in Poland soak girls with water on Easter Day, our participants will have the answer! The students explored a variety of cultures in an interesting competition via Kahoot that required a great deal of research and preparation.  Special thank you to German students, Dennis Kleinbeckes (Student Helper for the International Office) and Sophie Tacheci (Student Ambassador), both in the International Management & Leadership Programme and who spent time in the USA.

After a little exercise for the body and mind, it was time for a treat. Many new internationals have recently arrived and some were in quarantine. However, the Easter Bunny didn’t want them to miss this important German holiday! Hence, the university Easter Bunnies welcomed the students living in the campus dorms with a sweet Easter treat dropped in their mailbox or delivered at their door if in quarantine.

Thank you to Student Ambassadors from India for Applied Computer Science, M.Sc. Yash Pandey and Pooja Kudche as well as International Office Student Helper Anuj Khot (International Business & Engineering, M.Eng.), who were our university Easter Bunnies, for organizing the delivery together with the International Office.  The students received the Easter Egg treats with joy and pleasure. And also a thank you to Student Ambassadors Sarah Abu-Atmeh from the Philippines/Jordan (General Management & Leadership, M.A.) and Phuong Dung To from Vietnam (Music Therapy, M.A.) for collecting images and documenting the events!

We are so happy to kick off the semester with the Easter Holiday activities and looking forward to building a strong student community!

Sarah Abu-Atmeh – writer

Phuong Dung To – writer

Stephanie Farrar – editor