It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 10th International Week at the SRH University Heidelberg (7-11 October, 2019)!

In a time of intensified nationalism and invisible barriers being built between neighbours, we look to the past in our own country. 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall– the tearing down of a physical wall and subconscious divide – not only between East and West but also between families and friends. The aim of SRH University Heidelberg’s International Week for past 10 years has always been to strengthen the bonds between international partners and friends.

SRH University Heidelberg’s International Week offers to …

• deepen concrete skills and intercultural competencies

• get to know students and lecturers from different cultures and backgrounds

• build-up valuable contacts from all over the world

Within this topic, we will concentrate particularly on cross-cultural business communication, international marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, project management, corporate responsibility and leadership, intercultural issues, international law, engineering and sustainability, as well as health sciences and psychology. Guest lecturers are invited to hold courses. Each course will include 20 hours and from Tuesday to Thursday, 9am – 1:15pm. Examinations (e.g. oral presentation or written format as suggested by the responsible guest lecturer) will take place Friday morning between 9am-1pm. Monday is reserved for a mandatory special meet-and-greet program, including a 2-hour introductory session for each course.

Heidelberg is known not only for its world-famous castle, Germany’s oldest university, and the romantic nooks and crannies of the Old Town. It is also known as a center of science and research, with an international reputation and vibrant multifaceted cultural scene.

You can find the schedule for this year’s International Week here