The Australian student George Waring spent five weeks in Germany to complete a Macroeconomics unit at SRH University. Rather than feeling like a tourist he chose the option of a homestay and didn’t regret his decision.

I am a 19 year old, Australian student, who travelled to Germany at the end of 2017 to complete a Macroeconomics unit at SRH University.

During my five weeks in Heidelberg I did a homestay with an accommodating local who lived in close proximity to the University, as well as all the treasures that Heidelberg has to offer. Finding accommodation was difficult before I was introduced to the option of a homestay. Once looking further into doing a homestay, I found that it was, by far, the most convenient and authentic experience that I had on offer.

I got to feel as if I lived in Germany, as a local, for the five weeks I was there, rather than feeling like a tourist. This was due to my host Christian who showed me Heidelberg beyond the walls of SRH, and helped me experience all the amazing city had to offer.

The small things such as having a locally brewed beer and a chat at dinner, or comparing our cultures made for a full immersion in the experience. Christian was wonderful and provided all that I could ask for in order to have a successful, and enjoyable, stay. Overall, doing a homestay was a great decision and I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to travel overseas for study!

George Waring (Deakin University)