Nineteen participants from all corners of the world were guests at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg 
at the International Music Therapy Summer School. DAAD guest professor Douglas Keith (see photo)
guided them through a colorful program for two weeks.

They came from Singapore, the USA, Indonesia, Jordan, the Czech Republic and Japan: 19 students of music therapy learned about Music therapy and research approaches in an international environment. How is research practiced worldwide? „For me, too, it was exciting how universities in other countries teach music therapy,“ says Douglas Keith, who as a DAAD exchange student in music therapy at SRH University in 1990-91 and guest professor from Georgia College & State University in the USA himself has some international experience. „This summer school has worked well because of the intense teamwork in the Faculty of Therapeutic Sciences, so it’s important to build a bit of ‚community‘ so participants can feel comfortable and focus on learning, and this time we had a very mixed one Group: Students of music therapy, already trained music therapists and a few people who had their first exposure to music therapy here, and participants from 6 different countries with very different cultures, so it was all the more important to make time for getting to know each other – a very intense time! “

Dorothee von Moreau (r), head of the Music Therapy and Dance and Movement Therapy teaching clinic on campus and dance and movement therapy on campus and assistant dean of the school of Therapeutic Sciences , co-directed the International Music Therapy Summer School at the SRH University Heidelberg.

Many participants took part in the program to get to know other music therapists, to learn more about the current state of research and to share their methods. So the participants were unanimously enthusiastic:

„I particularly enjoyed learning about music therapy in psychosomatics. That’s something I had never heard of before in the US.”

“Thanks to all the professors for spending so much time with us.”

“I enjoyed learning about improvisation. When we do improve at college, we do something very different, and this was new for me.”

“I really want to come back to do my Master’s degree at SRH.”