The non-profit student association (Initiative Solidarische Welt Ilmenau e.V.) at the Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany, is inviting to the 15th ‘International Student Week in Ilmenau’ (ISWI) – ISWI 2021.

Since 1993, the TU Ilmenau organise the biennial international conference, on a ‚by students, for students‘ basis, whilst highlighting different topics. The conference is held at the University, which strongly supports its organisation.

With 10 days of lectures, discussions, and workshops about the topic of Climate Change, Environmental Conservation, and Sustainability, it is Germany’s largest international student conference. „Our goal is to promote cultural exchange with participants from around the world and seek possible solutions to pressing global issues“, as the organising comittee is writing. In 2019 they had more than 350 participants from over 70 countries.

ISWI 2021 will take place from May 28th to June 6th, 2021.

The motto is: „Climate change, Environmental Conservation and Sustainability“ – Our Future, Our Responsibility – There is no Plan(et) B

Group work is the heart of ISWI, thus they offer 23 working groups in which students can participate and learn from each other, each group concerning a certain aspect of the main topic such as „Consumerism & Resources“, „Sustainable Tourism“, „Education“, „Politics“, „Theatre & Visceral Art“, and many more. Participants will have the possibility to share their experiences and views, discuss in detail, and work towards solutions for current problems. For their participation they will receive a certificate.

ISWI connects people

Every ISWI is also about having a good time and building friendships with people from different backgrounds; they have thematic and cultural events that connect visitors, be it through sport, food, music, or artistry.

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Students of SRH University are kindly invited!