Sudipt Panda, a Master big Data student at the SRH University Heidelberg report about the strongest cyclone ,,fani“, by which his family was affected as well, in India in the last 40 years.

Odisha, or Ohdisha- is the answer one gives to a person when he asks for the right direction. Odisha has been in the heart of India for its resources, forests, its colourful culture and versatility, its proud history from Mauryas to launching rockets and Space missions through Chandipur. But what’s utmost special about Odisha is it’s people. They welcome you with open hearts, folded hands and vibrant friendships. They fight against all odds to survive and rise.

It’s not easy to survive in a Land which has borne over 60℅ of all cyclones that have hit our nation. Nature has been testing us, we bow down to it, but we rise as citizens and then lend our hand to help our neighbouring brothers and sisters right, if not the whole of our nation, as migrants!

FANI was one of the rarest of rare summer cyclones – the 1st one in 43 years to hit Odisha and one of the 3 to hit in the last 150 years. Because of this rarity the tracking and prediction was very challenging. In fact, till 24 hours of landfall one was not sure about the trajectory it was going to take because of the predictions of different agencies. However, we decided to prepare ourselves to face all possible eventualities. This led to one of the biggest human evacuations in history – a record 1.2 million people were evacuated in 24 hours. FANI had landfall in Puri with wind speed of more than 200 KM per hour and gusting speed of 240 KMs per hour. It tore apart critical infrastructure especially power, telecom and water supply. Lakhs of trees were uprooted blocking roads, breaking homes and damaging public infrastructure. In fact, for the district of Puri and parts of Khurda where the electricity infrastructure has been totally devastated, we have the challenge of having to set up the entire electrification afresh.

The current trail of the supercyclone Fani has wreaked destruction throughout our state. We are beaten and we will rise up, but it will take time. With your lending hand, we will have a support to lean on and get up faster. This is exactly what we wish from you. Spare us a thought, lend us whatever you can, even if it be the amount of earnings that you earn for the time you take to read this message. All this will help us, start our newer life, from the loss, just like newborn kids.

We have consolidated various portals of payments and methods which will be helpful for the people to contribute. Please find the links below:

A small effort on your part can help our state Odisha rebuild post the massive destruction caused by Fani. A comprehensive guide to payment portals. Kindly contribute generously!