Learning and exploring are a great combination for expanding our knowledge. Somehow international week organised by Edutus University was the great combination of both.

Seven days in Budapest taught me a lot about the world view through different scenarios. Attending daily lectures in morning and exploring Budapest in evening was the great combination.

Professors and students from different parts of Europe was the part of International week I enjoyed the most. This was a great experience as an international student to get involved with experts from different countries and share our ideas.

In the International Week Edutus over 100 students from different parts of Europe, like Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and many more participated. It was a multicultural environment and a big chance to explore cultures. I was very much involved with different cultures and, for me, meeting new people from different cultures is not a big deal, actually it’s an opportunity.

I met students from different parts of the world and we were like a family in these 7 days. Exploring and learning together was a big idea behind socializing and the events in the evenings.

Budapest city is full of positive vibes. Edutus provided us lots of City excursions, like historical Parliament, the Budapest Eye, Buda Castle and many more.  It was my great and beautiful experience. Also, the tours provided us a perfect relax after long lectures.

For me these seven days in Budapest was a bundle of opportunities, which helped me in digging through my thesis ideas with international professors and students, meeting friends from different countries, exchanging culture and ideas, and exploring beautiful city Budapest.

Thank you SRH University Heidelberg

A big opportunity provided by SRH Hochschule Heidelberg to participate in the 24th International Week at Edutus University, Budapest. I remember there was a call from International Office to participate.

It was a big chance for me while working on my thesis.  The main idea behind my decision was to learn about cultural barriers and to be involved with students from different parts of Europe. It was a great platform for the exchange of knowledge and to explore beautiful Budapest, Hungary.

Thank you EDUTUS University for hosting this week with all the facilities.

Special thanks to

SRH International Office Team