In a new and strange city, many students ask themselves the questions “How do I get there? Which line should I take? When does the train or bus leave?“

We would like to answer these questions with this article.
Heidelberg has numerous bus and train lines – including electric buses – that will take you quietly to your destination. In addition, there are other possibilities of mobility in Heidelberg, such as a bicycle rental system.

At first the most important lines for students at SRH University Heidelberg.

Bus lines from Heidelberg central station via Bismarckplatz to the old town:
Line 32 to “Universitätsplatz“
Line 33 to „Rathaus/Bergbahn“
Line 34 to „Alte Brücke Nord“

Bus and train lines from Heidelberg main station to SRH:
Train line 5 from Bismarckplatz or Heidelberg Hbf West to “SRH Campus”

Bus line 34 from Bismarckplatz or Heidelberg Hbf West to „Wieblingen, Boenhoefferstraße“

For exact departure times you can use the apps “DB Navigator“ or “rnv/VRN Handy-Ticket“ which you can find in the AppStore or in the GooglePlay Store.
So that you can use the buses and trains you need a ticket. We show you how you can purchase one:
All students at Heidelberg University have the opportunity to buy the VRN semester ticket. The semester ticket can be purchased in the VRN customer centres and in the travel centres of Deutsche Bahn (DB). A convenient alternative is to purchase your ticket online and print it out. You can also buy a semester ticket for your smartphone in the VRN ticket app and then have it digitally with you – it is also subsidized with 2.50 euros by the city of Heidelberg. The cost of the VRN semester ticket for students of Ruperto Carola is 170 euros. (August 2018) The ticket is valid in the entire VRN area, with exception of the Westpfalz, in all buses, trams and approved trains.
Heidelberg is a “bicycle city“. Many people use the bicycle instead of public transport. In Heidelberg you can buy cheap bicycles at the Radhof Bergheim or Madame Velo.
But there are also other possibilities of mobility: The bicycle rental system of VRNnextbike. A practical and inexpensive supplement to bus and train or even to car sharing. And the best thing about it: VRNnextbike stations are always located near public transport stops, so that the offers can be optimally combined with each other.

More information can be found at:
In addition, there are also swapfiets in Heidelberg: A possibility for renting bicycles. Swapfiets is similar to Netflix – you pay the monthly fee only as long as you use the bike. For students the bike costs 15 € per month including all services. More information can be found at: