Für den Fakultätsrat suchen wir noch studentische Vertreter. Noch bis zum 16.11.2020 kann man seine Wahlvorschläge einreichen, am 24.11. ist Wahl (elektronisch). Seid dabei! Weitere Infos gibt es in den pdfs unten.

English version:

Until Monday, 16.11.2020 election proposals for the representation on the faculty council of the HSHD can still be submitted – you will find the forms together with the invitation to vote attached in German. Please send your election proposal (preferably) by e-mail to the contact person of your faculty (see list) or to WahlausschreibungWahlsatzung v. 18.10.2017.

On Tuesday, 24th  November 2020, the faculty council elections of the student representatives will take place. Then 3 representatives per faculty have to be elected from the circle of student.

The Faculty Council usually meets in German. If you would like to be nominated for the election, it is beneficial that you are already proficient in the German language.

pdf Wahlsatzung v. 18.10.2017

pdf Wahlausschreibung


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