Coming from the Turkish-German University of Istanbul in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Zafer Zeytin will spend his guest professorship at the School of Social and Legal Sciences from January to December 2018. Here, he talks about his history in Heidelberg and his personal goals as a guest lecturer at SRH University.

What do you like most about the SRH University of Heidelberg?

When I came to Heidelberg as a student for the LL.M. and doctoral studies in 1996, I realized that Heidelberg is not only good for studying and research but also for life, because the people, the city and its institutions are already looking for an intercultural diversity. So is the SRH University of Heidelberg. It combines science and teaching in its diversity unlike many conventional universities with more efficient communication on horizontal and vertical level.

What kind of expertise do you have as a guest lecturer?

I have been teaching and investigating civil law as a professor for almost 20 years. My special fields of expertise are international sales law, medical law, int. family law, property law and debt law.

What are your personal goals as a guest lecturer?

For one thing, I would like to acquire the experience of CORE principle as a merit of the SRH University Heidelberg and also implement it in different versions where it is not represented. For another thing, I aim to make a contribution through science, teaching and related tasks to my scientific qualifications and teaching experience and as well to the international understanding. In addition, I want to carry out a project where artificial intelligence is applied in the area of law, especially in the property law.

Name: Zafer Zeytin
Origin: Turkish-German University of Istanbul/Turkey
Duration of guest professorship: 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2018
Subject: International sales law & international family law (School of Social and Legal Sciences)