A lack of funding alone should not be an obstacle to academic success. Besides providing valuable financial support, scholarships also have an immaterial worth in the form of valuable contacts; they are also a great asset to any CV.


The coronavirus crisis has also affected students of SRH University Heidelberg: many students lost their part-time jobs and some others can no longer rely on support from their personal environment. For this reason, the university is offering two “Immediate Aid Scholarships” worth €5,000 each.

One student had to cancel his video tour, another lost her job as a waitress, and a third student was unable to continue her job in retail during lockdown: these stories were covered in our Wir-Online magazine. SRH University Heidelberg is keen to help these and other students by awarding them with an Immediate Aid Scholarship:

Applications are open to all students of SRH University Heidelberg who find themselves in a particularly difficult financial situation due to the coronavirus crisis. To be able to apply for a scholarship, students must have started university by summer semester 2020 at the latest, and must have at least another two semesters of study ahead of them (earliest completion date: 30 September 2021).

Start Assistance Scholarships worth €5,000 each are also available to two first-year students: Simply tell us your personal reasons why it is important for you to start studying with us, particularly now in times of COVID-19!

Complete applications must be submitted by noon on Wednesday, 30 September 2020 at the latest, by emailing a PDF file to stipendium.hshd@srh.de.

Other scholarships open to international students include the Baden-Württemberg Stipendium (Baden-Württemberg Scholarship) and the Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship). We wish you good luck and great success!