Dr. Josh P. Davis ist am 30. April 2018 um 17 Uhr zu Gast an der SRH Hochschule Heidelberg. In seinem Vortrag „The Deployment of Super-Face-Recognisers in Policing, Security and Identity Verification“ spricht er über die seltene Fähigkeit von einzelnen Personen, jeden wiederzuerkennen.

Liebe Kollegen/-innen, liebe Studierende,

hiermit möchten wir, die Fakultät für Angewandte Psychologie, Sie herzlich zu dem nächsten internationalen rechtspsychologischen Vortrag unseres englischen Gastdozenten Dr Josh P Davis einladen:

The Deployment of Super-Face Recognisers in Policing, Security, and Identity Verification

Dr Josh P Davis, University of Greenwich, London, UK
30.04.2018, 17.00 Uhr, LGS 6 – Großer Hörsaal


What’s the talk about?

The ability to recognise faces ranges from those with prosopagnosia, who cannot even recognise family members, to super-recognisers, who seemingly never forget a face.

First coming to attention following the London Riots of 2011, some super-recogniser police officers identify multiple suspects from CCTV images. A few identify 100s per annum, outperforming computerised face recognition systems. Most identified suspects were previously familiar to the officer, although sometimes, a case has been built up against an unknown suspect by snapping his or her image across multiple crime scenes.

This presentation will discuss some of these cases as well as research conducted on police super-recognisers, and on over 5 million members of the public who have been attracted by worldwide media adverts for an online test.

Could you be a super-recogniser? Examples of super-recogniser test stimuli will be demonstrated to give the audience a participatory idea of just how good super-recognisers really are.


Who is Dr Josh P Davis?

Dr Josh P Davis is a Reader in Applied Psychology at the University of Greenwich. He regularly appears in the international media, and has advised UK and international police forces on forensic facial identification procedures, consulted with business, and has presented his research worldwide (inc. Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, USA).

Could you be a super-recogniser? Why not try this quick test here: Online test.

For more information see Dr Davis‘ YouTube channel.

Der Vortrag ist offen für interessierte Studierende aller Fachbereiche, Kollegen-/innen und Externe.
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Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Prof. Dr. Habermann & Svenja Haußner, M.Sc.