The first semester has begun and one would like to enjoy the typical „student life“ in addition to the daily routine of studying – but how do you best do that? What should one explore and experience in Heidelberg? Psychology student and Wir-Online editor Sandra Dittrich knows it.

For anyone who came to Heidelberg for the first time the Heidelberg Castle is a sight that is not to be missed! It is one of the most famous ruins in Germany and can be admired especially from the Neckar Meadow, which in the summer is a good meeting place right at the river. You could combine the visit to the castle with a hike to the local mountain, the Königsstuhl. My fellow students and I

have already hiked along this route. From Heidelberg Castle to the Königsstuhl you walk about 45 minutes – and the view is so worth it!

However, if you want to get away from the busy city life, the Philosophers‘ Path is a good choice. The path begins near the Neckar Meadow, more precisely in Neuenheim, and ends at a viewing platform, from which you can also see the Heidelberg Castle.

But if you prefer to stay in the city center, there are many shops. There is also a diverse selection of restaurants that even offer partial student discounts.

Parallel to the main shopping street is „die Untere” (“the lower one“). In this street, the bars line up and invite you to a convivial evening with friends. Personally, I can especially recommend the „Destille“ and the „Metropol“ – here you can even play billiard. However, the Metropol is not in „die Untere“, but in Kettengasse.

For a sociable evening with friends, a visit to the „Ersti Party“ on Thursday, April 4, in the old indoor pool is worthwhile, to which the new students have free entrance.

It is important to enjoy student life and to know that weekend planning with friends is just as important as studying or pre- and post-lecturing or testing. A good balance is imperative here.